Reverend Grenville Fisher

It is with great sadness we report the passing of our minister Reverend Grenville Fisher on the 19th of December. Over the last few months Grenville has fought serious illness and despite his fierce determination to keep going he passed away after treatment in Morriston hospital surrounded by family and close friends. The date for his funeral and a celebration of his incredible life and work in the service of Swansea communities is on the Friday the 19th of January 2024. The funeral service is to be held at Mynyddbach Chapel/the Calon Lan Centre at 1.30pm followed by cremation at Swansea Morriston Crematorium, 3.00pm.

Bi-Centenary Exhibition

This year marks the Bi-Centenary of the construction of Mount Pisgah Chapel in 1822. To celebrate this there will be an exhibition in the Chapel running at various times commencing August 22nd 2022. The Exhibition will display information and photographs all about  the history from the chapel over the last 200 years.

For more information please contact us by email at [email protected]

The Nativity on display at Barham Chapel

The wonderful people at New Life Church have kindly brought the Nativity display to the Barham Chapel.

Everyone is welcome to bring all the family along and view this enchanting display throughout the Christmas period.

You can also scan the barcode to download a PDF Booklet ‘Characters of the Nativity’.

Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous, ‘Religious Intelligence. The General Sunday-School Society’ The Evangelical Magazine, 6 (1809), 571-572

Anonymous, ‘Religious Intelligence. The General Sunday-School Society’ The Evangelical Magazine, 6 (1809), 571-572

THE General Half-Yearly Meeting of the Society for the Support and Encouragement of Sunday Schools, in England, Wales, Ireland, and adjacent islands; Right Hon. Lord Barham, President; was held on the 11th instant. The Committee reported that since their last meeting, they had issued 8995 Spelling Books, 1666 Testaments, 36 Bibles, and the use of 125 Schools, containing upwards of 6000 children; and that since the commencement of their Institution, they had distributed 277,577 Spelling-Books, 60,570 Testaments, and 7662 Bibles, to 3270 Schools, containing upwards of 260,000 children, besides a sum of 41762 for the payment of Teachers.

The committee had availed themselves of the resolution passed at the last General Meeting for extending the patronage of the society to Ireland. Many applications had already been made, and 1300 Spelling-Books, and a proportionate number of testaments, had been furnished; and a correspondence had been opened with several Clergymen of the first respectability with a view to the regular and general establishment of Sunday-Schools, throughout that important but benighted portion of the British Empire. Wales had also continued to attract the attention of the Committee. The northern part of the principality having been already generally provided, the Committee had been chiefly employed in satisfying the increasing demands of the south. Application had been made thence for not fewer than 67 Schools during the last half year, for whose use 1800 Welsh Spelling-Books, together with a proportionate number of copies of a stereotyped Welsh Testament had been furnished.

The Committee congratulated the members of the Society upon the decisive evidence afforded of its progressive utility. Whether they looked to England, to Wales or to Ireland, they had the satisfaction of seeing the work of education rapidly proceeding under their supplies.

The public at large, they added, would not need to be informed home intimately religious and moral institution stood connected with political order and social happiness; and if they bore this truth in mind, a truth inculcated and confirmed by almost every day’s occurrence, they would require no additional incentive to patronize and support an institution which had been and continued to be, so signally efficacious in dispensing the means of knowledge and virtue thro’ the great mass of the community.

Subscriptions continue to be received by MR. Thomas Smith, Secretary to the Society, No. 19, Little Moorfields.

Easing away from the lockdown

We are beginning to emerge from the corona crisis and carefully returning to some sort of normality. Please bear with us as we update our website with new features and events for all to enjoy.

Gower New Life Church Updates

Gower New Life Church has been very productive making the most of technology during lockdown. Please see below for a comprehensive list of everything they’ve achieved online during the crisis.

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For people who want to attend our online zoom meetings and services.

Our Sunday meetings take place at 10:30am.

To join the meeting, visit and find the ‘notes’ menu at the top or bottom depending on the device you are using. Click on it and you will find the meeting access details. Here is a video to help those who need more help:

Here is a list of additional YouTube content people might be interested in:

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Unsafe Trees Removed From Barham

Fantastic service from Ben & Co at TGM, felling and removing dead trees from the rear of the centre, which were deemed unsafe and in danger off falling.